Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Ashe County Blog

Check out the new local blog "Ashe Watch" for some already pointed commentary on the political scene in our nearest neighbor to the north. Particularly appreciated this observation on the economic benefits of Mount Jefferson State Park and the likely impact of its closing:
According to the state park system, 268,000 people visited New River State Park and Mount Jefferson last year. Even if those people just spend 50 cents in the county, that's a hefty chunk of change for a county with 25,000 residents. (A study estimates each tourist visitor to a state park in North Carolina spends $23.56 per day.)

What about newly elected Republican General Assembly members Soucek and Jordan and their actions (or even palid public utterances) in support of the state park?
But no one's heard a peep from new Representative-elect Jonathan Jordan, Senator-elect Dan Soucek or the Ashe County Board of Commissioners. If this is how they're going to govern, it's going to be a long, dark two years for Ashe County.

Welcome to the neighborhood, AsheWatch! We think you'll find plenty to watch.

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