Sunday, November 14, 2010

"A More Moderate Approach"

A little more milquetoast with your weak tea?

How about a little jackass in a power suit?

That's what Heath Shuler wants to deliver on Capitol Hill, if only House Democrats will recognize his outstanding possibilities for driving the Party into even more of an all-out retreat. Here's a bold prediction: Heath Shuler will never be Minority Leader.

Nancy Pelosi, who will be Minority Leader, is one of the few Democrats in Congress with some balls. Men like Shuler can't stand her. Tough.


November is Here and we can see 2012 from our porch! said...

"Nancy Pelosi, who will be Minority Leader...."

Gosh! I sure hope you are right about that!

Anonymous said...

I agree, November. There is no one that could further advance the alienation of the American People from the Democrat party better than Pelosi.

Henery said...

November and Anonymous, speaking of men who can't stand strong women.

Brushfire said...

Tom Delay - who was one of the most powerful Speakers in recent history- was also demonstrably corrupt,and unethical. He had nicknames such as "The Exterminator"and "The Hammer" indicating his ruthless and single-minded focus on exercising power. Yet I don't recall any public and media expression of hatred like the venom and virulent hatred expressed toward Nancy Pelosi. I still don't understand what people hold against her. What exactly has she done that they hate her for?

November is Here 2012 is coming said...

Heck, I think we LIKE strong women.
Certainly I do...

Virginia Foxx
Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachmann
Ann Coulter
Nikki Haley
Suzannah Martinez
Condy Rice
Sue Myrik

Gotta love Laura Ingraham.....and I would even add Meg Whitman (who dems called a whore)to the list.

And certainly we are ALL supporting Pelosi for minority leader! Hell, I even hope she asks for another airplane to go with that job!


Henery said...

Oh, sorry, November, didn't realize what a feminist you are! But can't help noticing that you like only Republican women, so even your feminism is partisan!

Anonymous said...

"Tom Delay - who was one of the most powerful Speakers in recent history

Tom Delay was Speaker? of the house? really? and one of the most powerful ones at that?

And you wonder why nobody takes you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Nope, Henery, i like all of th women of November's list. I would add Christine O'Donnell.

I am a conservative. What would induce me to support liberal women on a political blog. Unlike you, I think a woman is much more than a receptacle for sperm or an escapee from a loony bin such as Pelosi, Boxer, Fienstein , or Clinton.

Henery said...

Whatever, Anonymous. I'll keep my women, and you keep yours, with my best wishes. Here's my concern, via a nifty little blog in Statesville:

"In 2008, the average net worth of a Senator was almost $14 million. The average net worth of a Congressman was $4.6 million. Every single one stands to gain $3 million from those Bush tax cuts over the next decade. Do you think that might just be a wee, tiny tad of a conflict of interest? [...]

"Does your rich Senator or Congressman - or President - really get this? No. While median wealth in the U.S. plunged 39% during the housing crash, the wealth of the upper 1% dropped less than 12%. The rich aren't hurting nearly as much as the poor and mostly just don't care about our getting to work - the priority for them is debt reduction because it helps safeguard the value of the investments they hold. Those Senators and Congressman - and President - no matter which party political label is affixed to them, have no fucking idea what it is to be truly poor in America. While you were suffering, they have increased their wealth."

Anonymous said...

Henery.....your arguments would be better if you could substantiate your 'facts' with something other than a blog.

Your facts could very well be accurate, but you will have to source them for them to be credible....I, for one, am curious as to how it was determined that each congressperson would benefit by 3 million dollars EACH over the next ten years IF the tax cuts are extended. Did your crystal ball tell you what their income is going to be?

As I said....your facts COULD be right...I would like to examine them more closely....but what you have posted so far is an opinion off of another blog. You can find support for any position you want on a blog...Hell, on this one you can even prove that Tom Delay was once Speaker of the House!

Anne said...

Anonymous, if you don't believe what Henery has presented, then the monkey is on your back to present some competing evidence to the contrary.

Anonymous said...


Henery didn't present any "facts" ...he mad an allegation based on an opinion he read on someone elses blog. I asked him for the source of the facts which were alleged in the opinion piece.

Since you apparently have trouble in following the discussion, or of differentiating between fact and opinion, perhaps you could get an adult to explain it to you. If not, you might just want to join forces with Brushfire and tell us about the days when Delay was one of the most powerful Speakers in recent history.

ICanBNonnyMouse2 said...

It's "Democratic" Party.

ICanBNonnyMouse2 said...

It's "DemocraTIC" Party, and Anne is correct.

oatz said...

I guess its ok to push Rep Clyburn to the back of the bus then? Make up a fake "third in line" title to make it seem legit, but you Democrats are the party of Jim Crow again I see.

Henery said...

The origin of the $$ numbers and projections of how much members of this millionaire's Congress stand to gain fr4om Bush tax cuts comes from and Nicholas Kristof, who's a good deal more qualified than me to bandy such numbers (and possibly more qualified than you, though you seem to have the answers to everything, god knows).

Not that anyone's numbers other than Fox News is gonna satisfy you. You seem determined to believe that the Ameriucan super-rich have YOUR best interests at heart, so you applaud their takeover of our Democracy. I don't.

Anonymous said...

More propaganda. Yawn.

Brushfire said...

Sorry, Tom Delay was House Majority Leader. No doubt that error invalidates everything else I have ever said.

Not a Republic said...

H!ey, Thickhead!-

Its called the DemocraTIC Party!

Anonymous said...

You can't 'invalidate' what was never valid. Your ignorance of the facts has been demonstrated frequently

Anonymous said...

Say Henery, what's Pelosi's personal wealth?

The last I read is $50+ M.

JW, the woman you claim who has balls is also very, very rich.

Well, your heroes or heroines can't all be perfect, can they?

Just gross hypocrites.