Monday, November 29, 2010

Corporate Mischief

Some totals of outside spending in the NC House & Senate races have become available, and a couple of clear patterns emerge: all of it is connected in some way to low-end merchandiser Art Pope and most of it was used for purely negative attack ads:

Goss (D) vs. Soucek (R) (winner)
Americans for Prosperity $22,992, to support Soucek
Civitas Action $33,197.39, to tear down Goss
Real Jobs NC $110,132.38, to tear down Goss

Tarleton (D) vs. Jordan (R) (winner)
Americans for Prosperity $12,437.65, to support Jordan
Real Facts NC $28,549.15, to support Tarleton
Civitas Action $13,709.96, to tear down Tarleton
Real Jobs NC $51,733.11, to tear down Tarleton


Pac money for Tarleton said...

The news last night indicated that Democrats received far more from PACs than did Republicans. Where is your outrage over this?

By the way, this thread has also been censored, making it invalid.

Opinionated said...

Well, I'm looking at the local numbers, and frankly, my dear, I don't give a good gosh darn what they do somewhere else. I'm just concerned about our local elections.

Amused said...

Notice the name PAC Money for Tarleton. Was he not local? This is how he beat Wilson to start with.

So you do not care about the national elections? I guess you have no complaints at the outcome then.