Friday, November 26, 2010

The NC Congresswoman Who May Make V. Foxx Seem "Moderate"

Renee Ellmers, who beat Bob Etheridge by a thousand or so votes in the NC-2, will be the newest GOP Loose Cannon to watch.

During the campaign, she attracted plenty of attention by equating all Muslims with terrorism (in a TV ad deemed "the most baldly anti-Muslim ad of the year") and vowed that the ambushing of Congressman Etheridge on the streets of D.C. by a video crew had nothing to do with the GOP (the videographers were later outed as operatives for the National Republican Congressional Committee).

She got the endorsement of Sarah Palin, which is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Likely Embarrassment to Come -- something that has eluded Madam Foxx.


could be anyone said...

Is Mr Etherigdge's assault on people politely asking him questions excused if these person happened to be Republicans? I don't think so. He should have been arrested.

The voters have spoken. You lost.

BikerBard said...

Madame Foxx a moderate? Lord, help us all for things to come!

Happy said...

He has helped us. The conservatives took control of the state legislature.

DC Peon said...

Have just discovered this site and have been digging into your archives, reading your many past posts about Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. A fellow Congressional staffer (who actually works for Foxx) steered me to you. I also have a keen interest in the Congresswoman since I also work on Capitol Hill and have had close contact with her.

I am a Congressional staffer working currently for the Republican minority, soon to be the Republican majority. I've had several occasions to view Congresswoman Foxx up close. To say that most of the Republican staff on The Hill can't stand her is something of an understatement. Many loathe the sight of her and dread having to work with her, mainly because she treats people she perceives as "beneath" her with disdain and occasional spitting hatefulness.

There are not many real secrets on Capitol Hill. One fairly open secret is that Speaker-to-Be John Boehner considers Congresswoman Foxx a "useful tool." He's referred to her as "my battle-axe," which I take fairly literally: she's made of rusty iron and is a useful tool of war, good in a battle, though you wouldn't want to cuddle with it.

I'm not a registered Republican. In the state where I'm registered, I'm "Independent." But I respect and have admired most of the Republican members I've worked with as dedicated and well meaning. I don't feel that way about Congresswoman Foxx. Another open secret on Capitol Hill is that she's an accomplished kleptomaniac whose habit of stealing food is but one winked-at manifestation of a sickness.

I don't understand the 5th District of NC and why she keeps getting elected. But I can tell you that 5th District voters are pretty widely viewed up here as dupes of a raging partisan who only cares about herself. When she says those outlandish things, she's trying to curry favor with her "betters," pure and simple.

I'm forwarding your URL to other friends on The Hill who'll get a kick out of seeing that not everyone in the 5th District is in love with Foxx.

Keep up the work!

Henery said...

DC Peon:
O wow. Thanks for the insight. Hope you will tell us more!

I know a lie when I see one. said...

Nice try Peon, but you work in Washington as a conservative as much as Tarleton is going to work in Raleigh. That is to say not at all. Believing your post is only for those drinking liberal Kool Aid.

Opinionated said...


Many of us in this county have known this stuff for years....and more. But it's the sort of stuff that can't be discussed in polite society, and so those not living nearby don't know. Thus the re-election.