Friday, November 05, 2010

Real Men Don't Eat Pelosi*

Heath Shuler told Roll Call, evidently, that he will challenge Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader in the new Congress ... "if no viable candidate emerges."

Good to know that Shuler's willin'. In case of emergency, break glass. It'd be like we didn't have any options otherwise.

*Hattip to "Henery" for this line in a comment thread somewhere below.


Anonymous said...

We must end entitlements ASAP.

Stop the tax breaks to robber barons!!

These are the entitlements we should worry about.

The rich behave as if they are entitled!

Fact is, they collect billions more from our government than the poor of all the world put together. Want to cut government? Take the corporate loopholes away. Bear down on the corporate 'Individuals.'

Join me, say, "No more entitlements for the rich!"

Again, No more entitlements for the rich!

brotherdoc said...

"If no viable candidate emerges." That's what Sarah said about running for president. I think Heath is about to try for the Big Enchilada. What a TV debate that would be in 2012, a former football player against a quitter governor of America's Coldest State.
I agree with the Anonymous on this page (which of the many dozens of Anons who post here you are, I don't know, of course), but you are right. I wish we could start a SEA Party: Subsidized Enough Already, and go after such practices, which both parties promote. Read the book _Free Lunch_ by David Johnston. Should be mailed to every TPer in America.