Monday, November 15, 2010

Freakin' Hilarious (and so unexpected!)

El ex-Presidente George W. Bush is a plagiarist!

So far combers of "Decision Points" have found 16 instances of direct word-for-word lifting of other writers' words passed off as George W. Bush's own. How did this guy get through Yale? Oh, riiight!

Just one example:
From Decision Points, p. 205: "When Karzai arrived in Kabul for his inauguration on December 22 – 102 days after 9/11 – several Northern Alliance leaders and their bodyguards greeted him at an airport. As Karzai walked across the tarmac alone, a stunned Tajik warlord asked where all his men were. Karzai, responded, 'Why, General, you are my men. All of you who are Afghans are my men.'"

From Ahmed Rashid’s The Mess in Afghanistan, quoted in The New York Times Review of Books: “At the airport to receive [Karzai] was the warlord General Mohammad Fahim, a Tajik from the Panjshir Valley …. As the two men shook hands on the tarmac, Fahim looked confused. 'Where are your men?' he asked. Karzai turned to him in his disarmingly gentle manner of speaking. 'Why General,' he replied, “you are my men—all of you are Afghans and are my men...'"

Bush was not at Karzai’s Innauguration.


BikerBard said...

And his lack of intellectualism and honesty is surprising?

amjp said...

I first heard this story a few days ago. It may have been on CNN. However, last night Keith Olbermann said he checked into it and couldn't find much evidence that this was a general practice throughout the book, so he didn't report it.