Saturday, February 07, 2004

When Laura Bush Speaks, Karl Rove Better Listen!

Everybody on-line seems to be talking today about the interview First Lady Laura Bush gave Elizabeth Bumiller for the New York Times (though I'm taking my quotes from ABC's The Note):

"In a nearly hourlong interview with The New York Times on Thursday, Mrs. Bush ... characterized Karl Rove, her husband's chief political adviser, as not as powerful as 'the chattering class' believes."

But the best quote about Rove is this:

" 'I would say his role is definitely overstated, but he probably loves it,' she said, smiling. 'He's very happy to have his role overstated.' "

What surgical precision! The woman took the man's heart out without mussing his tie! And she may have nicked an organ or two slightly south of Rove's ole ticker!

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