Monday, February 02, 2004

Republicans Smell More Than Asphalt

An earlier posting ("Oops-a-Daisy") mentioned that state DOT Board member Frank Johnson of Statesville had been fired by the Gov for essentially trying to hold Iredell County road-paving projects hostage for big donations for the Gov's reelection campaign.

The Republicans did not waste any time making this a political issue. Richard Vinroot, Republican candidate for Gov, has issued a call for an investigation of Transportation Board members who raise money for Easley. (Story in the Raleigh News & Observer)

"We cannot have leadership that engages in special favors and special interests. The DOT should not be used as another fund-raising tool for the governor," said Vinroot, dubbing the affair "Payment for Pavement."

The North Carolina Republican Party chimed in with a press release, saying it was shocked -- SHOCKED -- that anyone would use the DOT as a political tool.

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