Monday, February 23, 2004

Bush, Fundamentally Un-American

This astute passage, from former Dean staffer and North Carolinian Mathew Gross:

"...The anger towards Bush that so many pundits and journalists find unfathomable isn't unfathomable when you consider the larger historical identity of America. It's an identity that George Bush's presidency deeply offends, and all the photo-ops of Bush clearing brush on his ranch and driving his pickup and looking like the Marlboro man doesn't change the fact that many people sense in his presidency something fundamentally un-American, a pride that has become hubris, a plundering of the national treasury, a rapacious husbandry of our national inheritance. It's a feeling that won't be captured in polls, or in endorsements...."

We're so glad to have Gross repatriated to North Carolina and blogging in the Chapel Hill area.

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