Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenter!

A reader tells us that Virginia Foxx has now induced Albert Olszewski, local head of the Homebuilders Association, to write a letter to members of the Watauga assn., asking for a campaign contribution to help Foxx defeat "her millionaire opponents" and "stop this blatant attempt to buy a seat in Congress." Olszewski goes on to say, "Your investment will be spent to have a friend in Congress." Included with this letter is an article from Yadkin Valley people about Tom Foxx and Virginia's various businesses and on the back a "fact sheet" entitled "Virginia Foxx Knows the Building Business From the Foundation to the Roof."

Virginia Foxx shows up as a major recipient in the state senate of NC Home Builders PAC money, which NC Democracy associates with "harsh resistance" to state laws governing "sprawl," "sensible planning" and "environmental protection." The Conservation Council of North Carolina gives her a rating of 50 percent, which is not and never has been a passing grade.

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