Thursday, February 19, 2004

Foxx Hunt

According to an item in this morning's Raleigh News & Observer, State Senator Virginia Foxx seems to be raising money for both her U.S. congressional race and her N.C. senate seat.

"Foxx, one of a squad of Republicans running in the 5th Congressional District, said Wednesday that she's not running dual campaigns.
When the N.C. Assisted Living Association offered to hold a reception for her, Foxx said she didn't know organizers were going to try to raise money. The invitation to the Sunday event in Winston-Salem asked guests to make checks payable to the Virginia Foxx for State Senate Committee. Foxx said she didn't see the invitation beforehand.

" 'I still haven't seen the invitation,' she said.

"A sleet storm kept attendance low, Foxx said. She raised about $600 that will go into her legislative campaign fund, even though she's not seeking re-election to her state Senate seat."

The old "didn't see the invitation" defense. For a politician who prides herself on knowing absolutely everything about everything, her protestations of ignorance in this particular instance ring false. Like so much else about her.

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