Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Bloggers Are Boosting Democrats Other Than Just Dean

Daily Kos is reporting that Ben Chandler, the former Democrat Attorney General of Kentucky, who is running in a special election on Feb. 17th for the U.S. House seat left open by Ernie Fletcher's election to the governorship ... that Chandler is successfully raising significant bucks by advertizing his candidacy on popular Dem-leaning blog sites nationally.

This special House election was supposed to be a sure Republican bet and a sign of President Bush's formidable strength, but polls suggest that the Republican candidate, state Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr, who has twice as much money as Chandler, is actually running behind him in public opinion. A Chandler win will only accentuate the perceived wobbling of Bush's support. So look for a huge infusion of big Republican money into the last days of this campaign, to save Kerr's butt.

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