Monday, February 23, 2004


Officials in New York City are now estimating that protesters at the Republican convention, set to convene at Madison Square Garden between August 30th and September 2nd, might climb to one million unhappy campers (according to this story in the New York Times).

Seems like everybody (and their dog) is planning to be there (and not because they want to be near the charming Tom DeLay):

"Organizers have gathered in a private loft in SoHo, in offices owned by the United Federation of Teachers near Wall Street, in a church in the East Village, and in offices around the city. The groups have names like United for Peace and Justice and Not in Our Name, and their intentions run the gamut from wanting to shut the convention down to holding the Labor Day parade on Thursday, Sept. 2, the day President Bush is scheduled to accept his party's nomination.

"There are people planning tent cities to accommodate protesters from across the country, lawyers' committees to assist those who are arrested, legal observers to monitor the police, and baby sitters, dog walkers, translators, medics, even clergy members. All are working to help protesters overwhelm the positive message Republicans are hoping their convention generates...."

Okay, who's gonna charter the buses from Boone? Somebody take the initiative here and let the rest of us know where to meet with our sleeping bags!

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