Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Easley Is Rolling in It

The Raleigh News & Observer reports today that Gov. Mike Easley has about $2.5 million cash on hand for his reelection campaign, more than all six Republican primary candidates combined. According to the N&O, during the 6-month period ending on December 31, Easley "collected $1.7 million from political supporters representing every major industry in North Carolina. Among the givers: bankers, real estate agents, lawyers, drug makers, tobacco growers, hog farmers, doctors, other politicians and lots of state workers."

A Democratic candidate that the Democratic Leadership Council can be proud of!

Republican Richard Vinroot, former mayor of Charlotte and a two-time candidate for gov in the past, is trailing the field of Republican challengers on fund-raising ... BADLY trailing. But -- get this! -- Vinroot is out-polling the rest of the Republican field, which is why, we guess, he's considered a "dangerous moderate" in the Republican party.

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