Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Second Bush Reversal in a Week

Karl Rove must be feeling the heat from Bush's sagging poll numbers. First, the prez reverses course on investigating the "failures" of American intel in the matter of Weapons of Mass Destruction ... or, at least, he wants to appear to be investigating, with a commission that he will wholly appoint himself.

Now, this afternoon, comes word that Bush has suddenly relented on giving the 9/11 investigation two more months to wade through millions of documents and to reach a conclusion on what went wrong.

"Bush had resisted that request for months, saying through his spokesmen that the administration wanted the panel to complete its work as soon as possible. Privately, White House aides feared that delaying the commission's final report would result in a potentially damaging assessment of the administration's handling of pre-attack intelligence in the heat of a presidential campaign."

We bet there've been slamming doors and raised voices over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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