Friday, February 06, 2004

Bush Watch on MTP

This caveat from a Republican operative on what's coming up Sunday morning (the actual taping of the prez with Russert will be Saturday -- tomorrow -- at the White House, presumably so Karl Rove can push a hidden button and make Russert drop through the floor, if need be) ... "Russert is relentless, and Bush can get prickly under questioning." Oh, let's hope so!

Helpful suggestions directed at Tim Russert -- you know, what to ask, how to behave -- have been showing up all over the Internet (especially the Dean blog). Many of them suggest a less than reverent attitude toward Ole Tim and the rest of Corporate Media, not to mention the prez. For example:

"Welcome Mister President. Shall I kiss your right buttock or your left?"

"With your Party in control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, it seems as if the legislative and executive functions of government have fused. The recent Omnibus Spending Bill was rewritten in a conference committee consisting only of Republicans, and things were put into the bill that had never been debated in Congress. Then it had to be voted either up or down, without amendments. Is this really democratic government, or have you effectively become King George?"

"Mr President, Sir, how can the media further assist in you reelection? What news would you like us to bury next?"

"What is the average percent of a worker's pay that goes to housing, food, clothing? What is the gap between a worker's pay & that of a CEO? What is the average percentage of a worker's pay that goes to insurance? How many uninsured children are there in the U.S.A.? How many in Iraq? What is the number of jobless Americans? How much is a gallon of milk?"

"Do you really think your new campaign ideas will RESIGNATE with the people? Or will you be MISUNDERESTIMATED once again?"

"Can you come sit closer to me...maybe on my lap, so I can tickle those floppy ears of yours. Let's go through the Sunday comics...what's your favorite funnies?"

"Mr. Pesident, in the two years that you were in Skull & Bones with Senator Kerry, how many people did you folks kill and eat?"

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