Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Hall of Mirrors

In this presidential campaign, we've gone in circles, lost in the media funhouse, rounding a corner repeatedly in the last two weeks to meet the famously sagging mug of one John Kerry, staring balefully in our general direction, while the media pipes in the message, "He's the one, he's the one, he's the one who can beat Bush!"

Considering the track record of these particular media whores, I'm not at all energized by the fact that they're nominating our presidential candidate for us.

William Saletan in Slate magazine has an interesting column on this fascinating but overall debilitating process. Voters in the first dozen or so primaries and caucuses are clearly marching on the media's treadmill, picking not the candidate who agrees with their values and hopes but the candidate they've heard is electable. Exit polls clearly show this, and Saletan's analysis of them proves devastating.

We feel desperate when we read such things, not so much because of a loser like Kerry but because of the prospect of a winner like Bush ... and a Second Term for his bunch of freedom termites ... with who knows how many Bush appointments to the Supreme Court. The Drake University subpoenas, the Northwestern University hospital subpoenas ... oh, those are just the beginning!

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