Thursday, February 19, 2004

Bush Responsible for Global Smarming

Yesterday a group of scientists and researchers, including 20 Nobel laureates, issued a strong report charging that the Bush administration has "systematically distorted scientific fact in the service of policy goals on the environment, health, biomedical research and nuclear weaponry at home and abroad." (Story in this morning's New York Times).

DISTORTED SCIENTIFIC FACT! Maybe not since the Dark Ages have rulers taken such a ruthless approach to knowledge.

The scientists "accuse the administration of repeatedly censoring and suppressing reports by its own scientists, stacking advisory committees with unqualified political appointees, disbanding government panels that provide unwanted advice and refusing to seek any independent scientific expertise in some cases."

The full report and the list of 60 prominent scientists who signed it can be found at

To get down to specifics, "according to the report, the Bush administration has misrepresented scientific consensus on global warming, censored at least one report on climate change, manipulated scientific findings on the emissions of mercury from power plants and suppressed information on condom use." But then, what dickhead ever wanted to use a condom?

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