Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Profile in Courage

Well, President Bush is not just "troubled" any more about the horrible, earth-shaking, civilization-ending, God-defying heterosexual-marriage-threatening prospect of same-sex weddings. Fearing the right-wing of his own party far more than he fears the judgment of history, he came out today for a Constitutional Amendment banning homosexual marriage, which would be the first time, I believe, that an amendment to our Constitution would actually limit access to equal treatment for a group of our citizens.

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson should be dancing a self-satisfied jig right now, arm-in-arm, if it weren't for fear that someone in their churches might, you know, think these two reverends seemed a little light in the loafers.

Our favorite gay right-wing pundit Andrew Sullivan said on Chris Matthews' Sunday morning show this past weekend that Bush will lose more than he gains by this move. Increasingly, what Sullivan writes on his blog sounds like he's arguing himself into voting for someone other than Bush this year.

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