Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Good Ship Lolly-Poop?

We've been trying to repress the replayed images of this since it happened on Friday, but there's nothing to be gained from denying Reality:

General Wesley Clark on Friday in Madison, Wisc., ENDORSED John Kerry by saying to the Senator, who was standing not three feet away from him on the stage, taking on water (and we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried!), "Sir: Request permission to come aboard."

Doesn't anybody ask the general AHEAD OF TIME what he's planning to say?

Meanwhile, John Kerry gave the definitive denial Friday morning on the Imus show of any truth whatsoever in the Drudge allegations of marital infidelity, and the mainstream media appears at the moment to be taking the man at his word. But WOE UNTO HIM if it should come out otherwise in, oh, say six months, that he was lying all the time. Or if there are other 20-somethings with long hair waiting in the wings for Drudge to dig up. We're going to be as terminally upset with the senator as we were with You Know Who. Mainly because he'll lose the election over it, and we deserve better this year! We deserve better from the man that the media has nominated and which the media will enjoy destroying.

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