Thursday, February 26, 2004

Greenspan Needs To Go

Josh Marshall, on the Greenspan bombshell of yesterday ... RE Let's torpedo Social Security: "Create the deficit with upper-income tax cuts; shrink the deficit with Social Security benefit cuts. That sort of typifies the Bush-era Republican shell game on fiscal policy. And it's what Alan Greenspan said today on the Hill. But Greenspan did the White House no favors with this one."

Why no favor? Because it sorta sends a shiver through a large portion of the voting public to have its worst fears about this crew confirmed by The Oracle at the Federal Reserve.

Please recall that Howard Dean -- bless his large heart! -- called for the firing of Alan Greenspan back on January 23rd, saying that Greenspan "had become too political."

The full quote: "If he lacks the political courage to criticize the deficits, if he was foolish enough -- and he's not a foolish man -- to support the outrageous tax cuts that George Bush put through, then he has become too political and we need a new chairman of the Federal Reserve."

Howard Dean is proven right once again, not that anyone in Washington will give the good doctor the credit.

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