Friday, February 20, 2004

When Ironic Things Happen to Unironic People

You just gotta love Virginia Republicans. They seized control of both houses of the Virginia legislature in the late 1990s promising "to end the annual tax on cars, support business and reduce government spending." And here they are running smack into the reality of trying to run government services on fumes. So we have the delicious spectacle of the Virginia House of Delegates proposing to raise taxes $520 million by ending special tax breaks on businesses, insisting that they pay their fair share, and the Virginia Senate gave preliminary approval yesterday to an even bigger tax hike, $3.6 billion over two years.

"It's an odd, odd situation," said a Democrat member of the House of Delegates. "The Republicans have driven a major stake between the business community and their caucus. It's been wonderful to behold!"

Said a rueful Republican member, "When you leave your base, you get Wizard of Oz results. In fear, they vote for this tax increase, then they realize they've royally screwed their base."

Ah, the chickens coming home to roost!

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