Monday, February 16, 2004

When Is a Breast the Tip of an Ice Berg?

Failing to follow his father's sage advice and wading deep into politics, Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic enterprises, told a convention of religious broadcasters meeting in Charlotte yesterday that if they didn't reelect George W. Bush, there'll be Janet Jackson breasts flooding out of every TV screen in the nation. (Raleigh News & Observer article here) Gay marriage! Cats and dogs together!

My, my my! No mention by the very reverend Mr. Graham that the corporate consolidation of media power, which brought us the Super Bowl in all its empty glitz and continues to bring us The End of Critical Thinking on a daily basis, has been exacerbated by the Bush administration (as editorialized against this very day in the New York Times by William Safire). That instead of standing firm against "the garbage" on TV, Mr. Bush's presidency has meant the wholesale unleashing of the corporate dogs. Anything for a buck.

But depend on Franklin to miss the real story, wholly distracted by a breast.

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