Saturday, January 10, 2004

What Kind of Drugs Is This Guy Taking?

Omigawd! Just found the story out of today's New York Times that Ralph Nader says he's seriously considering running for president again and that it'll actually help out the Democrats if he does. Here's the lead from the article:


WASHINGTON -- He is sounding like a presidential candidate again, charging the Bush administration with "messianic militarism and subservient corporatism," and the Democrats with soft-pedaling liberal policies that were once mainstays of their party.

Three years after the election in which Democrats say he cost Al Gore the White House, Ralph Nader is considering another campaign, and says he will decide shortly.

At this point, Mr. Nader said in an interview this week, a run depends only on his ability to collect enough money and volunteers to mount a credible effort. Otherwise, he said, he has a zillion reasons to go ahead --including, he insists, that doing so would be good for the Democrats....


If by any chance you think his running would not be good for Democrats, there's a convenient way to send Mr. Nader that message if you visit the site indicated above.

Clearly, George Bush is not the only personality with some "messianic" issues.

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