Thursday, January 08, 2004

Dean Trying to "Zip It"

The New York Times is reporting that Howard Dean is trying to learn discipline, that is in not blurting out anything and everything he's thinking.

From the article: "His new reticence came as a CNN/USA Today poll published Wednesday showed a slide in Dr. Dean's support among Democrats nationally, with his lead over General Clark shrinking to four points -- within the margin of error -- from 21 in the same poll a month ago."

And this characterization of the rival camp: "The Clark campaign was ebullient Wednesday as the retired general drew crowds in the hundreds at two town hall meetings in New Hampshire, where some polls now indicate he is battling for second place."

Anything can still happen. But Democrats ought to be pretty happy that not one but two formidable candidates have emerged to challenge Bush the man as well as Bush the president.

The best Clark quote: "I never was a Republican."

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