Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Commissioner Honeycutt: "Gag Me With a Fender!"

In other news from yesterday's County Commission meeting ... the "new" Junk Car Ordinance dragged its sorry butt into the Commission chambers, after being mugged by these guys for a full year, and Commissioner Honeycutt stayed true to his declaration last month that he would never vote for anything that imposed any limitations on anybody. So he was the sole vote against an ordinance that allows citizens to have up to five junked cars, since somebody might want to have six.

Joe Conason's characterization is more apt than ever ... Honeycutt exhibits "the ruling ideology that mindlessly opposes government regulation" (see the posting below, Jan. 1, "Mad-Cow Gate").

Lameduck Commissioner Jimmy Hodges complained that the ordinance was way too lax and did not provide for enforcement by the Sheriff's department, but that he would vote for it. (A.P.I.C.)

There'll be more to follow on the content of this very curious ordinance. Stand by.

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