Sunday, August 29, 2021

Cheri Beasley's New Campaign Manager


Travis Brimm

Since August 9th (when Senate candidate Cheri Beasley's top campaign and money managers quit), we've been wondering "Whither, Judge Beasley," and as of Friday, we have a better idea, because on August 27th, veteran political operative Travis Brimm announced on Twitter that he was coming "back home" to manage the Beasley campaign.

Trimm's work for Democratic candidates goes back almost ten years, and he's had his share of soul-testing defeats (Dan McCready, 2018; Richard "Otter" Bew, 2019, written about on this blog). The "advisory" role he had with McCready (according to Linkedin) raises my interest, since Brimm's political instincts might slide toward the militantly middle-of-the-road, which can become a worry for generating voter excitement. 

(Commenters have already noticed how Beasley intends to play it -- bland, non-threatening, moderate.)

More recently, Brimm was Joe Biden's state director for his 2020 Democratic primary win, and Brimm went on immediately from that to manage Democrat Ben Ray Luhan's successful 2020 US Senate win in New Mexico.

In other words, Brimm is successful enough to know exactly who he's going to be working for in 2022: Mississippi Governor Ned Lamont has already chosen Brimm to manage his reelection campaign. (Brimm's a native of Mississippi.)

We'll hide and watch what happens now.

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“ Mississippi” Governor Ned Lamont or Connecticut?