Monday, August 16, 2021

Stupid Is As Stupid Does


It's not just extremism that defines the Trumpist Republican Party. It's stupidity with life-threatening consequences.

The two Republican members of the Wake County Board of Education voted for mandatory masks in public schools, so they are being threatened with censure. The Wake County Republican Party’s Executive Committee has scheduled a special meeting tonight in Raleigh to consider a censure motion against Karen Carter and Roxie Cash. The Executive Committee demanded that the two SB members show up tonight for a good old beltline. The two SB members declined.

“I’m here for the students of our district, the families of our district,” Carter said in an interview. “I want to make sure that in-person continues. With the health guidance that we’ve gotten from the ABC Science Collaborative, Wake Public Health and CDC, they’re all recommending masks. I’m here to consider all that and not just to be doing what a party tells me what I ought to do.”

In a moment of rare clarity, the Wake GOP Executive Committee last night decided against censuring the two school board members. The same party leaders had earlier encouraged parent groups to organize outside the school board's administrative building and pressure members to "free the smiles," or vote against the mask mandate.

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