Sunday, August 15, 2021

Democracy Just Isn't Working for the SOBs


The evidence is everywhere. If they're beaten at the polls, they immediately yell voter fraud, because, Gawd knows, they could not have lost otherwise. Sometimes they yell fraud even when they win (see photo). Sometimes when they actually lose at the polls, they stage a violent takeover.

Rep. Keith Kidwell, right, member of
the NC House from Beaufort/Craven.
He has demanded access to the state's
voting machines, alleging there was fraud
in NC that attempted to benefit Democrats

Or they ensure they'll never lose at the polls, carefully sectioning district maps to their advantage. Right now the Republican witch-hunters in the NC General Assembly are figgering how best to dilute the urban vote by slicing and dicing hunks of it to pair with deep-red rural pockets that are frankly less and less enamored of democracy anyway, They feel put-upon by a contemptuous majority that no longer promotes their religious values, and they want a theocracy.

Or they enshrine rule by the minority in the US Senate, so that the majority rarely wins and voter rights can't be defended. Effing filibuster.

The majority of us oppose them, in aggregate nationally at least and in some city pockets of North Carolina and in some counties where there's a university. But we're going to suffer at their hands for another ten years before the next Census, and we're going to see new mechanisms of torture, and we have to save democracy. They're going to gerrymander us to death. They're going to make it harder and harder to vote, and where they can, they are taking over the actual power to count the vote, tabulate it, and announce the results. Trump taught them how to get on the phone and say, find me 11,780 more votes, and when the elections official said no, the Georgia legislature passed a law so that only they -- the Republican majority in the state lege -- will get to say who won.

We have to save democracy. The only way I see to do it is to register more people and get them participating in their right to express an opinion. And give them candidates they want to vote for.

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Anonymous said...

Last I heard, both that idiot Keith Kidwell and his wife were hospitalized with COVID. The anti-vax path to hell is paved.