Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Failure Will Not Be Tolerated


The report detailing the conclusions of a GOP-backed review of ballots cast last year in Arizona has been delayed after the chief executive of the private company conducting the widely pilloried audit and two other members of his team tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Cyber Ninjas who have been "auditing" the Arizona election that happened nine months ago keep delaying their report. Originally, it was going to take three weeks from the start date back in March. Then it was due to be turned in last week. Which was then delayed to yesterday. Now, conveniently -- isn't it great when a plague saves your ass from embarrassment! -- the Cyber Ninjas are claiming COVID COVID COVID as a reason for having nothing to show.

Don't you know that all their enthusiasm for uncovering massive voter fraud in Arizona, and the sweaty enthusiasm of the Trumpists who are waiting so expectantly for those results, has come to naught, has turned up exactly zilch, and they simply can't bring themselves to admit it to the public. Don't you know that in the marrow of your bones?

Perhaps they'll never admit it. Perhaps they'll keep the Trumpists waiting indefinitely for the rapture. Judging from the boos Trump got in Alabama for going off-script about vaccinations, the retribution dealt out by true believers for failure to prove the election was stolen may put us in mind of what the Inquisition did to heretics in late-15th Century Spain.

We can only hope.

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