Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Stupid Is As Stupid Does -- Take Two


Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who's currently inserting himself into public school decisions in the counties in his 11th Congressional District, appeared at the Transylvania County school board meeting last night to rally idiot parents in demanding no masking in Transylvania County schools. Cawthorn's presence at the meeting certainly raised the temperature, as he has made himself a leader among Trumpist idiots. He was there on the Washington Ellipse on January 6th to incite the mob, so inciting idiots at a school board meeting was an easy lift.

The school board caved and kept masks optional.

Superintendent Dr. Jeff McDaris had made a last-minute decision Sunday night to require masks for the first day of school yesterday. "He said he thought he needed to do that because of multiple COVID-19 cases among students and staff. McDaris even said education leaders were worried they may not have enough staff available for the first day of school."

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