Monday, August 30, 2021

Madison Cawthorn and the Limits of Narcissism


Twitter was buzzing this morning about new video of Rep. Madison Cawthorn speaking at a Macon County GOP gathering, praising January 6th arrestees as "political prisoners," and promising mysterious further action. A man in the crowd wearing a Trump hat asks, “When are you going to call us to Washington again?” He was alluding to Cawthorn's role in juicing up the mob at the January 6th rally before the storming of the Capitol. According to Wendy Nevarez, a Republican challenger to Cawthorn in next spring's Republican primary (who also posted some of the video of Cawthorn speaking), "Madison looks worried but his answer is more worrisome: 'We are actively working on that. I don’t have an answer for you right now.' 'We have some plans in motion I can’t make public right now.' ”

If Madison Cawthorn, who couldn't get through freshman English, is in charge of planning the next insurrection, then I suspect we'll be all right.

Madison Cawthorn in Macon County yesterday.
Note the gun. And the total absence of masks.


Anonymous said...

What a diverse crowd. White women AND white men. So, political discourse now requires your representative to be holding a camoed-out automatic shotgun? Mr. Cawthorn and his ilk are not representatives, much less politicians. They are "grievance" performance artists who have chosen politics as their medium for delivery and aggregation. The fact that so many would look at this photo and not be taken aback a bit(?) speaks to the sad state of our discourse. It puts me in mind of these images of our founding fathers. I worry for the way forward if we are to keep our rational democracy afloat. With no fairness on the horizon in districting, clowns like this will remain, pardon the pun, bullet proof.

Anonymous said...

You missed some of the diversity...there are also ammosexuals and some guy madly texting on his phone.

Loved one of the comments: "The. Boy, Ain't. Right." Yep.