Sunday, March 28, 2021

In 2019, Louis DeJoy Loved Him Some Dan Bishop. Oops!


Grinning Trumpist Dan Bishop, who won his seat in Congress in a special election in 2019 after preacherman Mark Harris crashed and burned, has become a true(er) prick in Congress, blossoming pungently like a weed on compost. Dan Bishop was the proud parent of the "North Carolina bathroom bill," which means he's also awful at economics. That bathroom bill cost the state billions in economic investment, including harm to the cash cow of sports promotion and tourism. But how has he behaved in Congress? On Sept. 2019, Bishop became the first member to divulge the name of the whistleblower whose memo sparked the House impeachment inquiry. On Twitter.

He was reelected to the 9th District seat in 2020 (don't remind me!) because of the rural Trump surge. He easily beat by more than 10 points a dynamic Black woman candidate in Cynthia Wallace. His district stretches along the South Carolina border from the suburbs of Mecklenburg to Robeson County and isn't quite ready for change.

In keeping with creepiness, Bishop just got fined by the Federal Elections Commission for failing to report contributions of $1K or more within 48 hours of their receipt during the last 12 days of the 2019 special election campaign. Bishop kept those contributions secret -- reporting them only after the election -- and now has to pay a fine of $11,634 for flagrant abuse of the law. One of those unreported contributions -- the max allowed by law -- came from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. You remember him. Just another worm in last fall's cabbage.

You can read Brian Murphy's reporting here.

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