Monday, August 06, 2018

This Will Be the Week for the NC GOP To Give Up Glue-Sniffing

Buckle up for what promises to be a thrill-ride of a political week:

1. Law suits in Raleigh

Photo Loretta Boniti
Chris Anglin promised to sue this morning in Wake Superior Court. He's contesting the General Assembly's bill of attainder singling him out for unequal treatment. Anglin followed the (new) law passed by the GA (Republicans), changed his party affiliation from D to R within the legal window, and filed to run for the Barbara Jackson seat on the state's Supreme Court
The Republican bosses in the General Assembly hit the roof, called themselves back into session last week and passed a new law saying that Anglin can't have the R beside his name on the ballot -- that the deadline for changing parties is now 90 days, which throws Anglin off the partisan ballot. Republicans, remember, brought partisanship to judge races, which used to be nonpartisan.
Anglin tweeted yesterday that he'll be in court this morning to challenge the bullshit. Holy crap! There he is before 9 this a.m., waiting to file his papers. He's asking for injunctive relief. 
The bit of his language I've seen: "I didn't make, break, or change the rules, just followed them. Even children understand changing the rules in the middle of an election is wrong."
How can he lose? 

NCAA/Clean Air Carolina lawsuit against four of the proposed constitutional amendments. I don't know which ones yet. These two non-profits were also at Wake Superior Court very early this morning.

Governor Cooper promised to sue today over the new law taking away the authority of the Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission as a gross violation of the separation of powers.

Danny O'Connor, in red
2. Special Election in Ohio on Tuesday

Young Democrat Danny O'Connor is running for a formerly solid Republican seat, the Ohio 12th, against Republican Troy Balderson. The special election comes tomorrow. Balderson should have this, but polling indicates that O'Connor has pulled even with him -- in a district that hasn't been represented by a Democrat in decades. So here rushes Twitterman Saturday night to Balderson's supposed rescue but really to do a rally for himself in which he briefly recommended Balderson for office but otherwise and in an hour-and-a-ten-minute rant in Lewis Center, Ohio bragged how awesome he is and how tremendous his acts and how dumb and evil everyone who opposes him is.

UPDATE, 11:30 a.m.
Hearing on Chris Anglin suit for injunctive relief scheduled for this afternoon, 2:30 in Courtroom 10A of Wake County Courthouse

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