Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When Lawmakers Go Wrong

Can you believe that the Berger/Moore duo are appealing Judge Rebecca Holt's injunction in the case of Chris Anglin and Rebecca Edwards? I mean, can you believe that after such a resounding, logical, and completely expected court decision, the Berger/Moore forces continue to hang onto their unconstitutional push to deny Anglin and Edwards equal treatment under the law?

The Berger/Moore appeal goes to the NC Court of Appeals, where a three-judge panel will hear it. Ballots cannot be printed until the issue is finally settled, and according to the State Board of Elections, the deadline for getting information to the printers is this Friday. Obviously, that ain't gonna happen (unless the Court of Appeals does some unprecedented fast-laning of the case).

I think you can expect absentee balloting in North Carolina to be delayed from its September 7th availability. You can thank Berger/Moore for the delay.

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