Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Surveying Videos of Insurgent Candidates for U.S. Congress

Democrat Kathy Manning, running for US House in the NC-13 against first-term Republican Tedd Budd, has up a professional 30-second ad on health insurance, built on her own experience dealing with a serious medical problem in her family. I've seen it on her Twitter feed but don't find it on her website (or any videos of her). Am I missing them? Why not feature video introductions and policy statements on the website, since she's so good on camera?

Other North Carolina Democratic candidates for Congress also don't have any video of themselves on their websites, and I wonder why -- Dan McCready in the 9th, David Wilson Brown in the 10th, Dr. Kyle Horton in the 7th.

I love DD Adams and I love her introductory video, and no wonder it's front and center on her website. The unspoken contrast to incumbent Republican Virginia Foxx, whose edge always intends to cut and separate, provides what you need to know about having a representative of the people in Washington, as opposed to a stinging hornet.

Phillip Price, running against house wrecker Mark Meadows in the 11th, emphasizes his blue collar work ethic. Frank McNeill, running in the 8th against George Holding, effectively emphasizes a work ethic than depends heavily on working together -- and exercising kindness (with an implied contrast to the nastiness of Twitterman). For McNeill's district he felt obliged to mention religion three times in two minutes.

Linda Coleman, running in the 2nd, has a very standard sort of bland presentation and message -- "I'm running for us, not us versus them" -- which maybe somebody finds compelling. But surely the campaign could find more than five people to stand behind her at the finale. Better maybe no people than just five, and those fixed smiles distract the viewer.

Democrat Ryan Watts is running in the NC-6 US House District against preacher Mark Walker,  and he's mounted an energetic and accomplished campaign. His introductory video is a head-on sales pitch and perhaps inadvertently highlights his noticeable youth. He's 29 but could pass for 19. But he's going for it and that's something to admire.

NOTE: I didn't go looking at video of the incumbent Democratic reps in Congress, David Price, Alma Adams, and G.K. Butterfield. Maybe another day!

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