Friday, August 17, 2018

Dallas Woodhouse, Uber Alles

Just seen on Twitter:
Wow. NCGOP threatens Supreme Court justices if they remove any constitutional amendments. "We'll have a constitutional crisis," Dallas says before reminding people how many votes GOP needs to impeach, remove justices
Dallas Woodhouse is Exec. Director of the NCGOP.

Dallas Woodhouse posted on Facebook a few minutes ago:

Today I suggested that should the democrats on the NC Supreme Court block citizens from voting on constitutional amendments, a Constitutional crisis would be upon us. 
I suggested that there would be an equal and opposite reaction that occur with voters and their elected representatives, that could include many things: censure, further attempts to clarify the role of the courts through constitutional amendments, changes in what courts can hear what cases, and yes Impeachment
I have had no discussions with any legislative members about this issue. I do not believe that is being discussed at this time. 
However should the courts spark a Constitutional crisis, nobody can say definitively where it leads. 
North Carolina will have a Constitutional crisis because for the first time the court take the drastic extraordinary and extreme position that they have a right to block citizens from voting on amendments. 
I believe their will be a very visceral reaction from voters and our activists to having their right to vote on amendments blocked. 
That reaction could be re-amending the Constitution, censure, adding positions to the court and/or impeachment. I did state this morning (a Constitutional fact) 
That it takes 61 in the house to impeach and 33 to remove in the Senate 
Nobody wants that. 
The Constitution clearly says it is the legislature’s Constitutional right to propose amendments AND decide what goes on the ballot. 
The State Supreme Court would be rewriting the constitution and forever changing the amendment process. 
Every single amendment would have the ballot wording challenged in court. 
This is simply a political question left to voters to decide. The Constitution demands it. 
Also the Republican Party’s position is the voters are fully capable to engage in the educational process and cast votes on the amendments as published. 
The democrats position is voters are not smart enough to decide these questions and must be blocked from voting 
The people have a right to decide

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