Tuesday, July 11, 2017

US House GOP Plays Dumb and Dumber

Weeks ago the US Senate passed some popular legislation that would limit Trump’s ability to lift financial sanctions on Russia. How popular was it? It passed the Senate 98-2.

It's not so popular among the Republicans in the US House who have the proposed bill now and are fiddling with it in order to let both Trump and Russia off the hook. Naturally, the Republican leadership are claiming it's all the Democrats' fault that they haven't passed the bill, but we know the real story: Trump hates the proposed law, and he's doing everything he can to scuttle it or weaken it to the point of irrelevancy.

Meanwhile, up steps Junior Trump, who, like the rest of this criminal enterprise of a family, can't walk without stepping on his own pierogi, and the Republican leadership in the House is treated to several days running of very bad, badder, worst headlines about Russian collusion with the Trump criminal enterprise, and how can GOP legislators continue to justify letting Trump lift sanctions on the Russian criminal enterprise whenever he pleases and once the heat is off?

Their loyalty to Trump at this point is both puzzling and self-destructive.

"Junior." Brian Snyder/Reuters

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Republican strategist Ana Navarro said last night that Don Junior "was dropped on his head as a child."