Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"He Has Moved the Bar of Outrage"

Peter Baker, and the signs of the times:
GLEN JEAN, W.Va. — Remember that time President George W. Bush told his attorney general to investigate Al Gore for his “crimes”? Or President Barack Obama called for a Justice Department prosecution of John McCain?
No. Neither thing ever happened.

Trump has:
refused to release his tax returns 
refused to divest from his private businesses
put his son-in-law and daughter on the White House staff
without proof, accused his predecessor of illegally tapping his phones
fired the F.B.I. director who was leading an investigation into certain of his associates
 undercut his “beleaguered” attorney general in public, presumably so he'll resign so Trump can appoint a more compliant A.G., who'll behave like an employee 
On the same day Trump called for a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton by his Justice Department, he also asserted that he had the “complete power to pardon” his friends, relatives, and very possibly himself if necessary, to short-circuit a special counsel’s investigation into any possible collusion between his team and Russia.

This can't go on. This must not continue.

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