Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Just Slip Out the Back, Jack

Michele Bachmann and her husband (who's become famous in his own right, ever since Jon Stewart noticed him) quietly stepped away from membership in a Minnesota Lutheran church that preaches that the Pope is the Antichrist:
...CNN notes that Salem Lutheran Church still maintains some ties with the Bachmann family. “It lists a Christian counseling center operated by Bachmann’s husband on its website under special member services for confidential counseling.”

Bachmann must still account for her ongoing connection with other radical preachers and churches, especially Bradlee Dean of the notoriously anti-gay You Can Run But You Can’t Hide ministry. Dean has been described as “Bachmann’s Jeremiah Wright,” and has repeatedly called for gays and lesbians to be put in prison and has said executing gays is “moral.”

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