Friday, July 22, 2011

NC Taxpayers Are Paying for GOP's Out-Sourced Maps

The top Republican political hack, Tom Hofeller, who drew the new congressional district maps in Washington, D.C., was paid with North Carolina taxpayer money. Laura Leslie has the scoop. Which opens up the next mystery to be solved: How much taxpayer money? Laura Leslie:
"...Unless the attorneys send [NC] lawmakers a detailed bill with Hofeller’s contract broken out, it may never be known how much tax money was spent on it...."
Nevertheless, we expect the other shoe will drop ere long, and we'll all find out that Republicans are extremely good, after all, at sucking off taxpayer money.

Damon Circosta, director of the NC Center for Voter Education, has the propriety of this use of taxpayer money exactly right: "If the goal of hiring an expert is to achieve partisan advantage, and not fair and legal maps, then it shouldn’t be publicly paid for."


Anonymous said...

No doubt a inside job by a bunch of anti-government republicans who are really big government republicans..These Republican Pricks have no morals...

Anonymous said...

What a surprise. You mean that taxpayers actually have to pay for services that their government contracts for?

Wow! Who woulda thought?