Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dan Soucek's Senate District

The new NC General Assembly districts drawn by the Clown College in Raleigh make some major changes to Dan Soucek's 45th Senate District. He would lose Wilkes and Alexander counties and gain Alleghany, Avery, and Caldwell. Watauga and Ashe would remain.

Soucek defeated a good man in 2010, Sen. Steve Goss. Soucek benefitted from big corporate money, the Pope Machine in Raleigh, and from some of the most dishonest campaigning we've seen close up. Since he appears to be free of original thinking and most apt at letting bigger, brighter people run his life for him, we suspect he expects big corporate money, the Pope Machine in Raleigh, and some dishonest campaigning to win his seat again.

Meanwhile, we'll tip our hat at the Law of Unintended Consequences. Caldwell County suddenly becomes the big dog in the 45th Senate District. Caldwell, along with Watauga, represents over 50% of the vote in the new district. Alleghany has been a dependably Democratic-leaning county, with enough votes to off-set the extreme "red" of Avery.

Maybe it'll be a breeze for an empty suit to win this new district. Maybe not. Depends a lot on whether the general public has grown weary of the pie-throwing irresponsibility of the Raleigh Clown College by next fall.


Anonymous said...

Alleghany is a "dependably Democratic-leaning county"??????

Really? Then how do you account for the fact that, with the largest Democrat gains in recent history, Allegahany county voted against Obama in 2008 by a 3 to 2 margin? And, they voted for Foxx and for Dole that year as well.

When did they become "dependably Democrat?"

Anonymous said...

Soucek was going to be re-elected no matter what. Wilkes and Alexander would have carried him just as Caldwell, Avery and Alleghany will.

Goss is through.

Now Cully? Cully has a chance of beating Jordan. Even though Jordan is the best thing we have seen around here in a long time, the peoples republic of Boone will probably generate enough negative press against Jordan to make the race competitive.

Cully seems to be running already.

amjp said...

Cully? Oh, I guess you meant "Cullie." Your spelling is as bad as your thinking. If "Jordan is the best thing we have seen around here in a long time," you seriously need to have your eyes examined, oh you no-name spineless one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, amjp, whoever you are. We definitely know who you are, don't we?

You are the really brave, upfront one, huh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:24's comment about the "negative press" in Boone hurting Jordan is laughable. The Boone press has itself been so obviously taken over by Art Pope and the Tea Party mentality, with columns by John Locke Foundation prominent in the Watauga "Democrat," I don't think there's much chance of that. This is the old game of the Repubs claiming the media is controlled by the left, e.g. Rupert Murdoch, I guess, when they have firm control over the propaganda. The only reason people like Foxx get reelected, even by voters in Red Wilkes, is the disinformation of local media. If voters knew half of what these clowns and monsters actually do, they would never vote for them.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter how you spell it, Cullie was culled.

I disagree with the other Anonymous. He is gone for good.

Henery said...

Re: Alleghany County
JWW may have been referring to the fact that while most counties in the 5th Congressional District were unelecting Democrats in 2010, Alleghany Co elected two Democratic County Commissioners. And we have one of the stronger Democratic Party orgs here, when compared to the other counties in Soucek's new district.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2;25 is wrong. The reason conservatives get elected is an informed electorate. Knowledgeable voters are the bane of the left.

Anonymous said...

Henery, nice try.

Your "dependably democratic" Allegheny county results from the 2010 election.

Of those that voted straight party ticket 60.57% voted Republican

For US SENATE, Burr (R) received 62.86% of the vote

For US CONGRESS, Foxx (R) received
63.53% of the vote

For State Senate, East (R) received 58.95% of the vote

For NC House, Stevens (R) received
67.05% of the vote.

But yes, of the three local county commissioners elected in 2010, 2 were Democrats.

If that is your definition of "dependably democrat" then I guess you are right.

Of course, Watauga was "dependably democrat" in 2010 too....after all, they did elect a Dem to clerk of court and re-elected a good man as sheriff who was also a dem.

I bet Soucek is really going to run scared now that "democratic" Allegheny county is in the mix!

bettywhite said...

Conservatives are informed?? Wow, I didn't know this was a comedy blog!