Friday, July 01, 2011

Where's That Phantom Small Business?

Someone has put up a lickspittle "profile" of Dan Soucek on Wikipedia, and we can't help noticing the curious absence of any mention of Mr. Soucek as a "small businessman," something he bragged about in every campaign mailer last year.

We could never find that small business in the phonebook, on the Secretary of State's website, nor anywhere else that a small business -- that's actually looking for business -- might advertize itself.

Are we now dropping that pretense, Mr. Soucek, or will be see you padding your very thin resume again next campaign season?


Fan of Dan said...

His resume may be thin, but it does include beating incumbent Steve Goss and getting elected by the voters to the position of State Senator!

Way to go, Dan! Keep it up!

Henery said...

Right! Dan Soucek brings a whole new dimension to the term "empty suit."

Anonymous said...

Pope and Koch brothers purchased his seat for him.

Anonymous said...

poor steve goss, he apparently was beaten by an empty suit. just goes to show what the voters thought of him.

Moose said...

No, Steve Goss was beaten in a Republican year and as a result of not-quite-honest negative campaigning that was done by Art Pope. I never heard Soucek say a single thing about what he believed in - all I heard was how evil Goss (and Tarleton) were. It was effective, but may not be the next time around. Incumbents have to run on their records, not against some imagined evil enemy.

Not Really said...

I have to agree with Moose. I was bombarded by ugly negative advertising against Goss and Tarleton playing on every base fear that some voters might have: race & immigration (one that featured Tarleton in a Mexican sombrero), gay rights (one that had Goss and Tarleton on a rainbow flyer saying they were anti-family), fear of Obama, etc.

I thought that those flyers said a lot more about the people that sent them than about Goss and Tarleton themselves, but I guess many people were swayed. And I also think a lot of left-leaning voters stayed home (bad choice!) I can only hope that in 2012 more people will come out to vote and will have realized that voting in Soucek and Jordan was a awful mistake.