Sunday, July 24, 2011

Twitterverse Sends a Terse Message to D.C.

As trending topics on Twitter go, this one is possibly of more than transitory interest.

Enough so that CBS News has picked up the story.

Don't start the revolution without me.

The man and the story behind #FuckYouWashington.


Not Really said...

It's really hard not to feel like some Republican politicians are screwing around with the country's future just to make sure the president fails. I'm not saying all of them or that it's the only reason, but I think it's a contributing factor and it makes me hoppin' mad.

Anonymous said...

It's our country, our money...crybabies!! It always has been!!! But where were their voices when the big B.O. & RudyMcRomney all ran back to Washington & Bush to come up with a way to bailout, STUPID ASS conglomerate banks that, if left to fail, along with GMC & Chrysler, as a (true) free market should allow... would have... & in all probability we'd be coming OUT of this mess instead of still staring down the barrel. Martin Corts