Friday, July 01, 2011

Giving Quid Pro Quo a Bad Name

John Deere Inc. induces members of the NC General Assembly, particularly Republican Majority Leader in the NC House Paul Stam, to pass legislation that will favor the company in state contracts (previously), and the company reciprocates by giving the bill's sponsors (including most particularly Paul Stam) $20,000.

One of the bill's other sponsors is Republican David Lewis, a Harnett County farm equipment dealer who carries the John Deere line.

This a.m. Carter Wrenn, the conservative Republican operative and now blogger, had this to say about the confluence of influence and money:

"...any way you look at it seven legislators taking $20,000 from John Deere [and] then sponsoring a bill to help them get state business doesn’t pass the smell test."

If you're emitting a foul odor to one of your most ardent supporters, you're emitting a foul odor.

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