Monday, July 25, 2011

One of the Five Goobers Strikes Again

NC House member Bill Owens gives new meaning to the phrase "destructively befuddled."

He just voted to override the governor's veto of the Gutting of Environmental Regulations Act of 2011 (S781), a.k.a., Regulatory Reform Act, apparently because he saw that the override was going to fail 75-43 ... because

1. Two minutes -- literally, two minutes! -- after he voted with Gov. Perdue to uphold the veto, he changed his vote to go with the Republicans, making the final vote enough for the override (76-42), and

2. A few minutes before that he had said in debate that he would vote to sustain the governor's veto, yessiree-Bob.

Befuddlement? Wrong word, probably, as it appears much more calculating, since Mr. Owens apparently (and quite obviously) changed his vote on the veto because four Republicans are absent today, and Speaker Thom Tillis had to call in his chit.

This prize of a Democratic legislator announced on June 3rd that he would not be running for reelection, so perhaps he feels perfectly free to make a perfect spectacle of his so-called "principles."


Henery said...

The corporate take-over of the state continues apace, but then we didn't need no stinking clear air & water!

Anonymous said...

We are in the top ten states for polluted air now. One sure thing we can say with the Republicans in charge in Raleigh, we sure ain't going to breathe better.

Not Really said...

This guy's probably a holdover dixiecrat. Good riddance.

If the Republicans continue to push the agendas they're currently enacting, nothing is going to be better in this state. This legislation puts corporate profits before public health, pure and simple. [sarcasm]Maybe their strategy to rein in healthcare costs is to shorten our collective lifespan?[/sarcasm]