Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Virginia Foxx, Out of the Closet

She's been coy at times about privatizing (a.k.a., eliminating) Medicare, but with her vote last Friday she's fully on record (with all her Republican pals except for four brave souls) in support of Congressman Ryan's Big Scheme to defund Medicare. Not one Democratic Rep voted for this Black Frost of a budget plan.

No need for Death Panels, eh, Congresswoman? Every old, poor person can get to their dirt couch without delay under your vision of the future.

The Republican non-believers? David McKinley of West Virginia (sudden heart palpitations in the Kingdom of Coal?), Walter Jones of North Carolina (!), Ron Paul of Texas (!!), and Denny Rehberg of Montana.

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FoxxFann said...

You forgot to mention that she drives too fast, too!