Thursday, April 07, 2011

NC House Passes Voter ID

On a strictly party-line vote. Which perhaps means that Gov. Perdue's veto will stand ... when it comes to that ... and it will come to that.

After hedging a couple of weeks ago on this turd of a law, the Republicans first changed the language to allow Board of Elections-issued cards as valid identification but went back on that this week. What else has been changed is something of a mystery, since the new version of the bill is not available on the Gen'l Assembly's website.

By their own grudging admission, Republicans know this law could cost up to $3.5 million a year in supplying free IDs to the almost 1 million North Carolinians who lack a photo ID. One bright bulb among the Rs said, “Nobody really knows” how much it's going to cost. Duh.

These are the people who were screaming two minutes ago about how much money is wasted by state government.

Once we can get a look at the new version, we'll be able to suggest just how many college students, elderly people, and minorities will be disenfranchised.

Here's the text of the substitute bill voted on today.


p said...

I've read it. Yes, expensive. And yes, opens up NC for expanded voter fraud in absentee voting. But one supposes that was the point.

Opinionated said...

That last comment was from Opinionated....