Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Latest Assault on Voting in NC

A proposed new law (Senate Bill 657) would limit early voting in North Carolina to a week, eliminate "same day registration," and generally knee-cap the kind of ballot access that North Carolinians have come to enjoy.

And that's the problem, folks! All this delight in early voting has GOT TO END!

And this "same day registration" ... clearly a Communist plot!

Some 60% of the total vote cast in 2008 was cast during early voting. In the 2010 mid-terms, the early voting was again enthusiastic, but dominated by Republican voters. It can work for both parties, depending on who's best-organized and who has public opinion behind them. The Republican honorables in Raleigh might want to consider that. But they won't.


no need ofr early voting said...

This is outrageous. Early voting should also be eliminated. There is always absentee voting for those with a problem doing so on election day.

Same day registration is just asking for fraud. How many times can one illegally register in a day if he tries to do so?

Frank said...

Oh PLEASE. Will you please provide some EVIDENCE of fraud before spouting off such nonsense. The Republican mantra is vote for us or not at all. It's voter suppression. Anyone who can't see that is an idiot.

brotherdoc said...

Those who talk about abuse of the "sacred" voting right are intellectual descendants of medieval Catholics who deprived the faithful of wine at Mass because Jesus's blood was too precious for some peasant to spill. Voting should be for everyone eligible and should be as easy and convenient as possible. Period. This is supposed to be a democracy.
Read today's NY Times editorial: this GOPer attempt to raise barriers to voting is a national movement financed by corporate-sponsored right wing think tanks.
The real fraud in America has been to give corporations the same rights at law as people.

Anonymous said...

Most of you are speaking from book learning and not practice. Go to Madsion County and work and election cycle. I promise you will think differently about the election process.