Monday, April 18, 2011

New Executive Director of the NCDP?

Jay Parmley appears to have gotten the job of leading the daily operations of the North Carolina Democratic Party, moving north slightly from his previous job as Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He has an impressive resume. He was not too long ago the youngest state party chair in the nation, in Oklahoma.

It's not lost on us that he was also an early supporter of Howard Dean for chair of the DNC.

Parmley's hiring at the moment is mainly unconfirmed rumor. He reportedly announced the move on his Facebook page on Saturday.


Opinionated said...

Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Not sure what sounds good about the former executive of the SC Democratic Party and before that the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Just that the Democratic Party isn't doing too well in either of those states... And especially South Carolina, where the party a few years ago was much more of a force than it is now.